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Reg’s Day Out in Hastings, Sussex

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Reg on a signpost - Rye 15 miles 24 Kilometres

Reg on a signpost – Rye 15 miles 24 Kilometres

The other day, I went out with the Old ‘Uns and their cousins. When I heard we were going to Herstmonceux, I got my passport out but I was disappointed to learn that rather than being in France, it’s actually in Sussex. Things didn’t go quite to plan because no one had thought to check that Herstmonceux Castle would be open. And guess what? It wasn’t. So, we had a quick look at the observatory and then decided to go to Hastings.

The 15th century coffee shop which was closed

The 15th century coffee shop which was closed

Battle Abbey

Battle Abbey

What a shame then, that we parked up in what we thought was Hastings and discovered we were actually in Battle. Never mind, it looked like a lovely town and it had a wonderful 15th century coffee house. Which was also closed. So we went into a pub for coffee but the machine was broken. Never mind, we took a few photos of Battle Abbey and once we’d worked out how to get out of the car park, we finally arrived in Hastings. We half expected Hastings to be closed too but luckily, it seemed to be open.

Well, other than the Battle of Hastings, what is the town famous for? Apparently for the Old Girl’s cousin’s husband’s uncle’s house. Yes, really. And here’s a photo.150312Hastings19It’s the house on the right and once upon a time, before it belonged to the Old Girl’s cousin’s husband’s uncle, it belonged to King Edward VII. Yes, really. Apparently, he used to take his lady friend, Lillie Langtree, there for weekends of fish and chips and sea air. Actually, I made that up about the fish and chips and sea air but they did spend time there. Anyway, it’s being renovated at the moment and we had a chat with the new owner.

Reg does the Titanic pose

Ahoy there Cap’n Reg

There were plenty of other things to see and do. Here I am doing the Titanic pose on a wonderful ship.

Snake in Hastings

Snake in Hastings

Reg and an octopus

Reg and an octopus

And here I am in risking life and limb in the jaws of a snake and hitching a ride on a passing octopus.
But, how about this? We saw a suit covered in winkle shells. Yes, really. 150312Hastings27

I was quite impressed with Hastings.

Catherine Cookson's house in Hastings

Catherine Cookson lived here

Oh yes, I nearly forgot. If you’ve ever read any books by Catherine Cookson, you might like to know she lived in this house in Hastings. I wonder if we’ll ever have a blue plaque on the Old Girl’s house. Probably not. But if you’d like to see one, why not buy one, two or more copies of the ebook ‘Daffodil and the Thin Place’. You can buy it here from the Muse It Up Publishing website or from your favourite ebook retailer. I wonder if they’ll put my name on the blue plaque…

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