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Sunday Musings 15th March 2015

Daffodil and the Thin Place

Daffodil and the Thin Place

Chris wanted us to describe a character today in her Sunday Musings. She wanted to know the following: How does your character look? What does your character wear? How does he or she walk? Or sound?
Writing exercise…show us without telling us directly that the coat is brown leather, walking with a limp, talking with an accent.

Here’s my attempt:

‘Don’t want no foreigners ‘ere.’
The landlady blocked the door to the boarding house with hands on hips as if she feared the slight woman before her might slip through sideways.
‘Pleess, I haff nowhere else to go.’
‘Not my problem. I’ve ‘ad enough o’ your kind skipping off without payin’ their rent. I ain’t a charity.’
‘Pleess, I pay now?’
The woman withdrew a handful of coins from her pocket.
‘Don’t waste my time,’ said the landlady but before she could close the door, the woman placed her foot in the way.
With fists the size of hams, the landlady seized the woman by the lapels of her coat and pulled her close.
‘Get lost,’ she said and thrust the woman backwards. The door had slammed shut before the woman landed at the bottom of the steps.
‘You all right, love?’ a man crossed over the road and helped her sit up.
She burst into tears.
‘My coat,’ she wailed, running her fingers over the scuff marks on the leather.
‘Don’t you worry about that,’ the man said, ‘a nice bit of brown polish’ll bring that up a treat.’
She stood up.
‘Anything broken?’ he asked.
‘I’m not sure. My foot is hurting a lot.’
‘Here, take my arm, lean on me and we’ll get you to a doctor.’
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