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Reg interacts with technology
Reg interacts with technology

Yesterday, the Old Girl was talking about something she read in a technology article about the Internet of Things or IoT.

I always thought the Internet was an Internet of things. Well it’s not an Internet of nothing, is it? But what would I know? I’m only a dog.

Anyway, she said it was a system of distributed computing power.

I understand each of those words but in that order, they make no sense at all. She went on to explain it was to do with sensors getting information about things and then making something happen, like sensors detecting when a rubbish bin in a park is full and sending a message to someone to empty it. Or a parking space having a sensor which sends a signal to show whether it’s full or empty. People think that in the near future, our houses will be full of sensors making things happen. I think that could be quite scary, like living in a haunted house. But I suppose it could be quite convenient too. A sensor strapped to my stomach could tell the Old Girl when to feed me – although I’m pretty good at doing that myself. But imagine curtains shutting and lights coming on when sensors detect a certain light level, windows opening when air quality reaches a certain point, baths being run when you smell, clothes being removed from you when sensors detected clashing colours, the lid locking when it detects your paw in the biscuit tin. Before our house joins the Internet of Things, I shall demand a sensor to detect all those sensors that I don’t want in our house.

Reg and the Raspberry Pi
Reg and the Raspberry Pi

It occurred to me that the Old Boy is well ahead of the field in the IoT with his Raspberry Pi. He now has a sensor which turns off the water supply if it detects leaks. And I can see the advantage in that. Who wants to be drowned while they sleep?

Apparently, Prime Minister, David Cameron, is going to promote the idea of IoT, so I might write to him to let him know about the Old Boy and his Raspberry Pi. I’m sure he’ll be impressed. He might even think it’s worth a knighthood. Sir Old Boy.

I wonder if knighthoods are hereditary. If they are, I will one day be Sir Reg.

Anyway, in the meantime, here’s an experiment that you can take part in. A sensor will now detect if you have bought the Old Girl’s ebook ‘Daffodil and the Thin Place’. If you haven’t, I’ll let you into a secret. The sensor isn’t very fast, so you have time to click here and go to the Muse It Up Publishing website or go to any ebook retailer. Okay? Go…

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