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Last Survivors – Uncover the Truth

If during this lockdown period, you’d like to do something different one evening (or any other time of day, of course!), why not try the Last Survivors – Uncover the Truth online experience. Check out the trailer on YouTube, here to find out more.

The Last Survivors
The Last Survivors – Online Experience

You can read more about the experience and book your session on the Last Survivors website here. Here’s some information from the site:
Can you Uncover The Truth? From the creative team behind The Last Survivors comes our first online experience. You will help an agent from the I.R.F (an agency dedicated to bringing down corrupt private companies) explore the underground bunker and testing facility of the C.I.D.C.
The immersive experience will have you solving puzzles and communicating with the agent through audio and video footage through an online interface. The experience should take around an hour to complete. The entire event is set inside a real Government Nuclear Bunker with everything shot on location.
You will need to use a laptop for the best experience. This can be played with Zoom Screen Share.

Once you’ve paid the fee (it’s half price at the time of publishing this post) you’ll receive an email with a unique code and directions to get to The C.I.D.C website. Your game begins there!

We played our session as a family and I wondered if we’d perhaps get stuck and not be able to move on but there were plenty of clues and it isn’t time-limited like the escape rooms I’ve been to, so we had time to make a cuppa and get back to helping the agent out!

It’s a brilliant way of passing an evening with plenty of excitement and problem-solving but not so difficult that it’s completely baffling and frustrating. I’d give it five out of five for creativity and ingenuity! Definitely worth a play!

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