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Video Conferencing with Zoom, FaceTime, Jitsi…

Video Conferencing with Zoom, FaceTime, Jitsi, Messenger, Skype and more…

Video conferencing in action with my virtual background.
My Zoom Virtual Background

During the COVID-19 pandemic, those of us who live in countries which have imposed a lockdown, may have been cut off from family and friends. If this has happened to you and you’re a natural loner, it may not worry you as much as it would those who are more gregarious. But, however much you enjoy your own company, it’s always lovely to see the faces of family and friends and those of us who are fortunate enough to have access to the Internet will probably have been making good use of the various video conferencing services such as Zoom, FaceTime, Skype, Messenger and Jitsi – to name but a few.

Although I’d used FaceTime, Skype and Messenger before the outbreak of the virus, I must admit I’d not used Zoom or Jitsi before. But since the lockdown, I’ve used all of them to link up with different friends.

My most unusual video meeting was via Jitsi, when I was asked to join a book club meeting in Kapolei, Hawaii a short while ago. The members had been reading my book ‘THE BASILWADE CHRONICLES’ and I was invited to answer questions about the stories and characters. Fortunately for me, they met at 9am local time which was 8pm for me, so I didn’t have to get up during the night to take part. It was very interesting to hear the suggestions for another book, based on some of the characters and if you’ve read ‘THE BASILWADE CHRONICLES’, you may remember Hettie Forbes-Snell, the vicar’s sister. It was suggested I might explain what happened to her. As a result of linking up with the Hawaiian Book Club, I was invited to join, so for the foreseeable future, while we are locked down, I hope to meet with them via video conferencing each month.

If you want to read more about ‘THE BASILWADE CHRONICLES’, you can see it here on Amazon or on my books page, here

I also now regularly link up with members of a Face Book group for pocket novelists each week as well as my school friends and various family members and friends who I don’t often see.

My favourite platform is Zoom because I like to change the virtual background to something new and I have loaded a photo taken in the desert as well as one in a Roman bath at Pompeii. The photo above shows the front cover of ‘THE BASILWADE CHRONICLES’, painted by Neill C. Woods.

Have you just discovered video conferencing? Which is your favourite? Why not let me know. And if you’re new to it, you can find out more information here:

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