Things Are Not Always What They Seem – #MuseItUp

Yellow cabs lined up ready for action
Yellow cabs lined up ready for action – in more ways than one!

Have a close look at the photo on the left and have a guess where it is.

If I didn’t know better, I’d have said it was New York but in fact I do know better, because I took the photo in Canary Wharf, London.

Extras and crew during the filming of 'The Counselor'
Extras and crew during the filming of ‘The Counselor’

I had gone to London with my camera and met some other photographers who were taking part in a photoshoot of the area. We paired up and my partner and I spotted a line of yellow cabs some way off and decided to investigate. We crossed the road to get a closer look at what is quite an unusual sight in London, and suddenly became aware that someone was shouting. It took a few seconds before we realised he was shouting at us and telling us to get back, with great sweeps of his arm. Apparently, we’d unexpectedly blundered on to the set for Ridley Scott’s film, ‘The Counselor‘, starring Michael Fassbender, Penelope Cruz, Cameron Diaz and Brad Pitt. The cabs were there to make the London building look like it was Stateside.

We beat a hasty retreat away from the cabs and walked into a square where we could see lots of people gathered. Being aware that filming was taking place, we made sure we didn’t stray on to the set again and watched from the sidelines as female extras in smart clothes and male extras in suits and Stetsons strutted about and members of the crew in casual clothes dashed back and forth with equipment.

It was interesting to watch for a while but there were long gaps when to the untrained eye, nothing much seemed to happen and eventually, my partner and I wandered off and left the actors and crew to it. There were only pictures of people milling about to be had, such as the photo to the right which weren’t terrifically exciting and we were after interesting shots of the area. Specifically, we wanted photos which we could convert to black and white because there was a little competition amongst the photographers who’d gathered, to see who’d got the best photo.

It was the first time I’d wandered round Canary Wharf and there were so many things to photograph, we were spoiled for choice. Below is my best entry out of three for the black and white competition. Did I win? You’ll have to ask me!

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My black and white entry for the photography competition
My black and white entry for the photography competition