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A Magnet Book for Readers and Writers

Magnetism - a magnet book of short stories
‘Magnetism’ – A Collection of Short Stories

A Magnet Book for Readers and Writers – And it’s free!

Not a book about magnetism, but a magnet book to show what the authors of Chapeltown and Bridge House Publishing can do. It is a collection of short stories written by some of Publisher, Gill James’, regular authors such as Allison Symes, Paula R C Readman, Gail Aldwin, Debz Hobbs-Wyatt, Jim Bates, Hannah Retallick to name but a few. Oh, and I have a story in there too!

It has been edited and compiled by Gill James to be given away free to anyone who subscribes to her Books Books Books mailing list which you can find by clicking here. The list goes out every Friday with offers on Gill’s back list as well as introductions to new books.

Several months ago, Gill asked her authors to submit a story which they thought best represented their style of writing to give readers an idea of the sort of stories they might find in any of the Chapeltown or Bridge House books. In addition, it also illustrates the house style, to writers who are interested in submitting a piece of writing to Gill.

The story which I submitted to be included in the Magnet Book is ‘Timothy and Pandora’s Box’ which appeared in the 2018 anthology, ‘Crackers’. It can be found here in Kindle and paperback on Amazon. It’s written in a similar style to the stories in ‘The Basilwade Chronicles’. You can read about how that book came into being here which you might find interesting if you intend to submit a story to Gill for publication. if you’d like to buy a copy of ‘The Basilwade Chronicles’ you’ll find it here on Amazon.

You won’t find the magnet book ‘Magnetism’ on sale anywhere, it’s simply available for download free when you subscribe to Gill’s mailing list, so why not hop over to the form which you can find here.

And once you’ve read it, why not let me know what you think!

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