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A Question of Timing

Clocks - A Question of Timing

A Question of Timing

A Question of Timing

Everyone’s busy these days, so what could be better than a short story? Fewer than 2,000 words can be read relatively quickly – while you’re waiting for a bus or train… At the dentist… While all your friends are checking Facebook… There are always a few minutes when a short story could come in handy.

Look no further! Here are a collection of my short stories published on the CafeLit website. From each story, one or more characters are taken and appear in the following story, a bit like a relay race. The whole thing  starts with a story about Derek Carruthers. He’s a man who is always short of time. He’s also socially inept and thoroughly tactless. Derek decides to go speed dating. What could possibly go wrong?

You can read A QUESTION OF TIMING here 

In the following story, Mary Wilson has decided she will one day set up MaryWorld where there will be no interfering mothers and curly, ginger hair will be compulsory. She can’t wait for the day when she can move to MaryWorld. Until then, in order to stop her mother interfering, she has to go on a date with Derek Carruthers.

You can read IN MARYWORLD here

Mary Wilson’s next door neighbour, Florrie Fanshawe runs a Knit and Natter club where there’s plenty of knitting and lots of nattering. Bella Carrossetti, (with two R’s, two S’s and two T’s) has joined and is keen to give everyone beauty tips. Whether they want them or not.

You can read KNIT AND NATTER here

In ‘Mint Pink’, Bella Carrossetti’s uncle, Toby Jugg, decorates Edna Harbottle’s house against her better judgement. He persuades her to have her living room painted in Mint Pink. As he explains, mint is only green when it’s not pink.

You can read MINT PINK here

Toby’s brother, Sydney, is a man who neither forgives, nor forgets. In his Book of Grievances, he records every insult and injustice that he suffers. When he meets Vilya Chekarova, Sydney needs a new Book of Grievances, one dedicated solely to her.


Ichabod Bunch is a clairvoyant and medium extraordinaire. Everyone agrees he has lovely eyes. Betty Bentwhistle, Sydney Jugg’s new lady friend, thinks Ichabod is amazing and hangs on his every word. Sydney would like to punch his lights out.

You can read IS THERE ANYBODY THERE? here

Betty’s Aunt Edie is in the Willows Retirement Home. She’s desperate to be voted in as the home’s Leisure Organiser so she arranges for Ichabod Bunch to appear in the home. What a shame that Matron doesn’t approve of Mediums.

You can read GOING FREELANCE here


There are two further stories in the series which are in the pipeline… stay tuned for more…

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