An Extraordinary Chance Meeting

An Extraordinary meeting between dragonflies
An Extraordinary meeting between dragonflies


An ‘Extraordinary’ Chance Meeting.
Would you believe it? Two more characters from the book EXTRAORDINARY have met up!
Lauren is Martin’s wife and she doesn’t have a large part in the story SOLID AS A ROCK-MATE, so, since she was visiting her father in the same hospital where nurse, Jocelyn, from the story THE WAY OF THE OBTECTUS, works, I thought it might be interesting if they met. At the point where the two women encounter each other, Lauren hasn’t yet discovered her husband Martin’s secret. And Jocelyn hasn’t yet discovered one of her patient’s secrets. But when they do, their lives will change forever.


Martin’s wife, Lauren, from SOLID AS A ROCK-MATE meets Jocelyn from THE WAY OF THE OBTECTUS

“Can you tell me where I can find Peter Philips, please nurse?”

Jocelyn looked up and smiled at the pretty, young woman whose face was white and eyes overly bright.

“Are you Mr. Philips’ daughter?”

The woman nodded. “I’m Lauren…” She said softly, her chin trembling. She wiped a tear away quickly.

“Your father’s doing well. The doctors are really pleased, so there’s no need for you to worry. Your mother is with him and he’s quite comfortable.”

Jocelyn pulled a tissue from a box, passed it to the woman and glided out from behind the desk, “I’ll take you to him. This hospital is like a maze.” She smiled and guided the young woman through the ward.

“Thank you so much. That’s really kind.” Lauren dabbed at her eyes, “Are you sure he’s okay?”

“Yes, definitely. He was very lucky. The car was a write off but he came out of the crash with just a few minor scratches and bruises. You’ll see. You’ll have him home in no time.”


Later, Jocelyn checked to see how the Philips family were faring. Lauren was waiting outside the curtain while the doctor was examining her father.

“All okay?” Jocelyn asked.

Lauren nodded and smiled. “Thank you, yes. I’m so relieved. And everyone here seems so nice.”

“It’s a lovely place to work.”

“I wanted to be a nurse when I was little…”

“It’s never too late,” said Jocelyn, “I worked in an office for a couple of months after I left school, then I decided to train as a nurse. You’re still young.”

“But what I’d really like…” she looked about to check no one was listening, “is a baby. I want to start a family. Just lately I’ve been aware of my biological clock ticking and as my husband, Martin, has a steady job, now’s the time to start.”

“Well, good luck! Perhaps we’ll see you in the maternity unit before long.”

“Oh, Martin and I don’t live round here. I’ve just come to see Dad. But I’ll be staying until he’s better, so I’ll be around for a while.”

“Well, when your son or daughter starts school you might consider training. It’s always good to have long term plans.”

“Yes, I s’pose so… I admire your dedication. You look like you’re younger than me but you seem to have your life sorted.”

“Oh yes, I’ve got it all mapped out. I’m aiming as high as I can.”

Higher, thought Jocelyn, than I have words to explain – or you could ever comprehend.


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