More EXTRAORDINARY Characters almost meet

Extraordinary Angel
Extraordinary Angel

More EXTRAORDINARY characters meet up (well, almost).

What do you think was the topic of conversation when Mickey Mouse started chatting to Cinderella in the queue at the shoe repairers?

Was it:
A) Minnie’s taste in shoes?
B) the price of Disney shares?
C) The location of the local glazier?
You don’t know?
No, me neither because I wasn’t there. However, I was there when bumbling angel, Fritz, almost met Matthew Norris. Well, I suppose you could say I was almost there.

More characters from the book EXTRAORDINARY, collide. If you’d like to read the real stories, you’ll find the paperback and ebook versions of EXTRAORDINARY here on Amazon. But if not, enjoy the near meeting of Fritz and Matthew Norris.

Fritz from THE FOUR RIDERS OF THE APOPALYCSE (sic) APOCALYPSE almost meets Matthew Norris from A HELL OF A TIME

Now Fritz understood why there was a ‘No Doughnuts’ rule in Heaven.

Arguably, if his doughnut hadn’t contained jam, he might not have lost the letter although it would probably have been greasy and sticky with sugar. But at least it would probably have been legible.


But now, it wasn’t anywhere.

“It must be somewhere,” Fritz muttered through a mouthful of doughnut. He wiped up the crumbs he’d just spat out with the sleeve of his angel tunic.

After all, this might be Heaven where miracles happened hourly if not more frequently, but everything had to be somewhere. And Fritz’s best guess was that it was stuck to the bottom of his mug. That wouldn’t have been a disaster and he was sure that the letter would still be legible through the grease, sugar and blackcurrant drink ring except that the mug had been put in the dishwasher and was currently being washed clean of all grease, sugar, fruit and paper.

Well, he’d just have to try to remember what the letter said and perhaps reproduce it.

The letter had been a complaint. He was certain of that. In fact, the sender had been – one could almost say – incensed. And the writer had been a man. He was sure. The name had been a masculine name possibly beginning with M or N.

But what had the letter said?

Fritz held his head in his hands, closed his eyes and tried visualisation.

There was something about misrepresentation. Yes, that was right. Something had been misrepresented. And something about eternity. And then a whole list of complaints. Oh yes! And at the end, a demand for an appeal. Or had it been an apple?

Fritz’s line managing angel, Leonardo, poked his head round the door. “Busy?”

Was it a trick question? Fritz didn’t want to admit he was busy looking for a lost letter. He held his hands with palms upward, and made what he hoped was the expression of an angel who was overwhelmed but didn’t like to say so.

“Well, when you get a moment, the dishwasher seems to have jammed. Perhaps you could sort it out?”


If you’d like to find out what Fritz and Matthew Norris really got up to in their own personal stories, find out in the paperback or ebook, here on Amazon in EXTRAORDINARY.

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