It’s Behind You!

Rock temple
Rock temple


It’s Behind You! That’s a phrase that will have been ringing out in many British theatres over the holiday season, along with ‘Oh, yes it is!’ and ‘Oh, no it isn’t!’ I am, of course referring to pantomimes where audience participation is practically obligatory. If you’re unfamiliar with the phenomenon, you might be surprised to know that in a pantomime, the leading male character (the principal boy) is traditionally played by a young woman, and her romantic partner is the principal girl, played by… yes, a girl. But then, there’s the older woman, the pantomime dame, who is often the mother of the hero and ‘she’ is usually played by a man in outrageous female attire. And then there’s the audience, who are encouraged to shout out at the appropriate time, well known phrases such as ‘It’s behind you!” as the villain creeps up behind the dame or any other ‘good’ character.

I’m carrying on with my imaginary meeting of characters in the book EXTRAORDINARY and it reminded me of the phrase “It’s behind you!”. This time, sassy fairy, Aria from the story  IN NEED OF A FAIRY GODMOTHER, doesn’t quite meet the priestess from the story MOST PRECIOUS. But there is an encounter of sorts. Aria is aware that the priestess is behind her. ‘She’s behind you, Aria!’
‘Oh, no she isn’t!’
‘Oh, yes she definitely is!’

Aria from IN NEED OF A FAIRY GODMOTHER encounters the priestess from MOST PRECIOUS

Aria first suspected there was someone flying behind her as she rounded the corner into Wharf Street. She swung round expecting to find another fairy stalking her but there was no one there. The stink of rotting refuse rose up to meet her from the filthy street, and mingled with something that might have been incense but was whipped away by the breeze before she could identify it. Relieved, she flew on, angling downward to her flat in one of the squalid tenement blocks but despite several glances over her shoulders which revealed no one, she couldn’t shake the feeling that someone was there.

And then she felt the breath on her shoulder.

“Who’s there?” Aria turned; her wings beating to keep her stationary, hands on hips in an attempt to display her anger and to conceal her fear.

“It is only I,” said the voice.

“Not good enough!” said Aria, “Show yourself!”

“I cannot. But do not fear me. I am simply lost.”

“Well why are you following me?”

“I fear the men I’ve seen below. I searched for a female.”

“Where’re you going?”

“I must find the Heptadeity. It is most urgent.”

“Well, there’s nothing round here by that name. I suggest you go west. There’s not much of anything round here except rats and villains. You’ll stand a better chance of finding… whatever it is… up west. I’d start in Trafalgar Square. That’s where I always go.”

“And I will find the Heptadeity if I go there?”

‘Oh, undoubtedly,” said Aria, “You can find anything you like in London if you look hard enough.”


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Oh, no they aren’t!
Oh, yes, they are!