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Meet Colin the Lemur

An introduction to Colin the Lemur.

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Colin the lemur, character in The Macaroon Chronicles
Colin, the lemur (but not Colin, the monkey)

Please allow me to introduce Colin.

First, before I say anything about Colin, I need to tell you he’s a lemur and not a monkey like Brian. It’s an easy mistake to make but not one that will win you any favours with Colin, who’s rather touchy on the subject.

When Colin and Brian met Eddie, they were in a musical band and they called themselves ‘Frog’s Scorn’. They engaged Eddie to manage them and he changed their name without consulting either of the band members, to ‘The Three Wise Monkeys’. Of course, you’ll immediately notice the two flaws here – the band actually consists of one monkey, one lemur and nobody else. And it’s also doubtful whether either Colin or Brian possess much wisdom between them – a point underlined by the fact they were the ones who engaged Eddie as their manager. However, Colin is a gentle soul, (unless, of course, you refer to him as a monkey) and as the story progresses he becomes acquainted with the female side of his character and embraces it fully. Nevertheless, he is still a demon on the bongos and together the monkey and the lemur, as ‘The Three Wise Monkeys’ can rock Spudwell Stadium – or indeed any stadium. They have two groupies in Babs and Deirdre who add to the spectacle, and on one notable occasion, Eddie joined them on stage, however that owed more to the threat from the music promoter, Mr Krapowski, than to any musical direction. And in the latter part of the story they are joined by Gideon who plays a mean flute, and it’s interesting to watch his pig’s trotters fly over the instrument. Incidentally, you may notice the others duck or flinch if it appears the flute is pointing at them, because no one can forget how projectiles are frequently emitted from Gideon without his knowledge or intention – some even lethal.
Colin is a good-natured chap and a loyal friend so it’s no surprise that his motto for life is: Friendship above all – especially with my mate Brian. 

You can buy your copy of THE MACAROON CHRONICLES on Amazon, here in paperback and Kindle.

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