In Search of Roman London

In Search of Roman London. My cousin, Dave, and I love nothing better than to lose ourselves in London, wandering up cobbled streets and digging out all the history we […]

Are You A Party Animal?

Are you a party animal? I probably wouldn’t describe myself like that but I did enjoy organising a party for the characters of the book, EXTRAORDINARY. To be honest, it […]

Can You Be Too Optimistic?

Optimism is a good thing, isn’t it? But, can you be too optimistic? The character, Henry, from the story HENRY’S BOX, is definitely optimistic. And it’s probably just as well […]

It's Behind You!

  It’s Behind You! That’s a phrase that will have been ringing out in many British theatres over the holiday season, along with ‘Oh, yes it is!’ and ‘Oh, no […]

An Extraordinary Chance Meeting

  An ‘Extraordinary’ Chance Meeting. Would you believe it? Two more characters from the book EXTRAORDINARY have met up! Lauren is Martin’s wife and she doesn’t have a large part […]

Battle of Passchendaele

Passchendaele Whisper it. Doesn’t it sound like a gentle breath of wind? But in August 1917 there was nothing gentle about it. Not when shells were dropping into the quagmire, […]

Bridge House Publishing Book Launch

Bridge House Publishing hosted a book launch of several books, including GLIT-ER-ARY and BEST OF CAFELIT 2016, on Saturday 02 December 2017 in The Princess of Wales pub near Camden, […]

Talking Stories on East London Radio

I recently contacted Tony Cranston from Talking Stories on East London Radio. I’d seen an article about him in ‘The Woman Writer’, the Society of Women Writers and Journalists quarterly […]