Are You A Party Animal?

Robotic face.
The Game

Are you a party animal? I probably wouldn’t describe myself like that but I did enjoy organising a party for the characters of the book, EXTRAORDINARY. To be honest, it wasn’t hard to organise. All I had to do was imagine it and then write it down. So, who would have been the life and soul of the party? Hmm, probably Bohnan the Carbairian, from the story, EARTHRIGHTS, would have been the most at home and would probably have taken advantage of a few of the more gullible souls, like Fritz the Angel or Henry. But the person the least likely to enjoy a party is Greer, from the story, THE GAME. He certainly wouldn’t hand out canapés or drinks, although he might be found skulking in the corner, watching the other guests. I’m fairly certain he wouldn’t have their welfare on his mind. Here’s what might have happened:

Greer from The Game avoids meeting everyone

Greer made up his mind at the last minute to go to the party. He wasn’t a party animal. Some might call him an animal but it had nothing to do with parties.

He stood in the corner; eyes hooded, nursing a drink and watching the other guests. He hadn’t bothered with fancy dress. He owned little more than he stood up in and what clothes he possessed were non-descript, ordinary, completely unremarkable. No one would remember him. The only ones who would definitely recall his face were dead and the dead tended to keep their memories to themselves.

He watched the others making small talk. A fairy chatted to a woman in a long cloak. Greer had no idea what she was supposed to be. An ancient Greek? A priestess? They were joined by a man with a shaven head on which was a tattoo. Greer had checked him out but there was nothing of any interest in the design. It merely declared that he was the property of his owner.

Several others gathered round another man who held something on the palm of his hand which moved and seemed to delight a scruffy bloke who poked at whatever it was and even seemed to stroke it. Greer’s eyesight was good but in the dim light he could only make out something small and round. Perhaps it was some kind of animal or pet?

Further away, there were people whose interest was obviously sci-fi; they were dressed as space militia and unlikely looking aliens.

Greer had had enough. This was a waste of his time. He’d wondered if any of the guests would be of interest to him. But they weren’t. He downed his drink and turning away, he melted into the shadows. He still had plenty to do tonight and he knew his quarry – if not at this party – was quite near…


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